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Why Working With Fantasia Showrooms On Design Projects Is A Breeze

Dealing with multiple projects involving tile or faucetry can be a process that's as frustrating and lengthy as it is rewarding. Nobody wants to go through a hassle on their way to completing a project, whether it's a labor of looks or a labor of love. At Fantasia Showrooms, we understand how to make the journey a simpler one.

We are known for having unique and design-forward tile and plumbing products that impress. Yet it is our approach to working with clients that stands out. Here are just a few reasons why working with us is such an easy and stress free experience. 


Meet the Fantasia Showrooms Sales Dept, Customer Service Dept, Shipping Dept, Sample Delivery Dept... (you get the idea).     Nicole, Showroom Manager, and Carri, Sales Consultant. 

Meet the Fantasia Showrooms Sales Dept, Customer Service Dept, Shipping Dept, Sample Delivery Dept... (you get the idea). 

Nicole, Showroom Manager, and Carri, Sales Consultant. 

You'll Work with One Person from Selection to Installation

Many dealers have separate departments for sales, customer service, shipping and beyond. When you talk with so many people about the same project, details can become lost in translation or slowed down by bureaucracy, bogging your project down to a crawl.

Sometimes, you want to work with just one person who knows all the nuances and concerns you may have and can stay on top of the details to ensure it's on schedule.



At Fantasia, you work with one person from your first consultation all the way to installation, ensuring a streamlined process that eliminates the need for multiple phone calls and explaining your situation endlessly. Why entrust your project to a myriad of people when you only need one? The individualized, hands-on approach to working with you is what sets us apart from everyone else.


Nicole with Clay Daisies Artist/Creator, Kim. 

Nicole with Clay Daisies Artist/Creator, Kim. 

Twin Cities Tile and Faucetry Consultants With Expertise

You may be asking yourself if you can really trust just one person with the heavy lifting of multiple tile and plumbing projects at once. But at Fantasia you will be in good hands.

Our design sales consultants have years of experience in the tile and plumbing field while working directly with design professionals or homeowners alike. Each of our consultants is a true tile expert who can help you select the right tiles for your unique design vision.

Whether you have a clear cut plan of what you want or you need the extra push of guidance to bring your imagination to reality, Fantasia's consultants are equipped to help you out.


A Unique And Exclusive Selection of Faucetry & Tile! 

Fantasia has a great selection of faucets, showers and tubs that are complimented by an in-depth of knowledge of the best ways to order and install such high quality pieces. On top of that, we are known for offering exclusive tile lines that you cannot find elsewhere.

Many of our clients came to us when they couldn't find what they were seeking elsewhere, and they ended up becoming loyal repeat customers due to our 38 years of experience, our ability to fit the requirements of any budget, and our expert knowledge when it comes to our industry.


All Of This In One Convenient Package

It's not easy to find a hands-on business with renowned expertise and an unrivaled product mix all in one place, and we're happy to tell you that your search ends here. Fantasia's tile and faucetry consultants are only matched by our highly reputed selection of tiles and more. Contact us today to get started on putting your next big project into trusted hands.


Call the showroom for more information:  612-338-5811

Or email us with any questions! 


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